Elon Musk
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How well do you know Elon Musk? Take this quiz to find out!

4 days ago By Team Ten
Save the stockmarket
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Meet Abhishek Kar, a portfolio manager by work and a trader by heart

We are in conversation with an expert in the field of trading and stock market, Mr Abhishek Kar, who believes that passion is more important than desire.

2 weeks ago By Team Ten
Behavioural Science
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The study of behavioural design and behavioural economics and how can that be applied to product design and product pricing!

Ever wondered why we are compelled to buy something or do something in a certain way without being told? How the big orgs manipulate their customers to get more sales? Read on to find the three popular ways how behavior science is being used in the industry to play mind games.

3 weeks ago By Kairav shah
Women Entrepreneurs!
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Top 10 Young Indian Women Entrepreneurs!

Thankyou! Visit tenfizz.com to read similar stories of young entrepreneurs, changemakers and innovators!  

3 weeks ago By Kairav shah
Startup for a cause: SportsJig

SportsJig is a small team of 8 People. Mr. Vinay Krishna is the founder and has also worked at Microsoft and is an ISB Graduate. They have 2 branches one in Mumbai and one in Noida (Development Centre). The team...

4 weeks ago By Team Ten
Affordable laptops
Affordable Linux laptop developed by an IIT Bombay team

A team from IIT Bombay led by Mr.Mohammed Kasim have successfully launched a laptop worth Rs 9999/- It comes flushed with latest softwares and hardware.

4 weeks ago By Sumeet Patel