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Surya Iyer: The guy who makes trash sound cool!

Meet the guy who wishes to make the world ready for the next billion people!

2 weeks ago By Sumeet Patel
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Orion Racing India – National Champions

What comes to your mind when you see this? Or this? Sports car, race car? Probably Formula One! What if we told you that there exists a team in a Mumbai college that builds such cars every year and goes...

3 weeks ago By Team Ten
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5 must read books for every aspiring entrepreneur

How many can you guess correctly?

2 months ago By Sumeet Patel
Last words
Last Words: Bob Marley

Last Words of Bob Marley, a legend in the world of music are true even after over three and a half decades of his death. Infact, the couldn't make any more sense than today. Read more here

2 months ago By Sumeet Patel
hello world
7 misconceptions about a startup

Most of us either have a startup, had a startup, will have a startup or have a plan of starting up at some time or the other. People usually think it is easy, but be aware that there's a lot more than what meets the eye. Something that would be an eye opener for new startups or extremely relatable for the seasoned one

2 months ago By Sumeet Patel
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Versova-Bandra Sea Link Bridge Will be Mumbai’s Second Sea Link

If you have travelled from Versova to Worli by road, you’d know the excruciating pain of driving across the Western Express Highway for over an hour. But imagine if you could cover the same distance between Versova and Worli in...

3 months ago By Megh Gandhi