10 Advertisements That Make You Look Twice.
on Tuesday January 31st, 2017, By Jay Mehta

1. You got to go somewhere if you mess up with traffic rules.


2. You either squat or run, there is no in between.


3. Click it first or regret it later.


4. Precautions are always better than cure.


5. As simple as that. Things can be sent at arm’s length with FedEx.


6. Dogs are man’s best friend but are we the same for them. Don’t be the harassing insects like that on their fur.


7. It is weird as to how we are using plastic bags to show that it is killing animals.


8. When creativity leads on to the roads.

9. Smartness and a great smile what else do you want?


10. Well, this shall interest a lot of people now.

Jay Mehta

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