10 things to do before turning 25
on Tuesday January 3rd, 2017, By Akshara Palshetkar

25 is a landmark. Sometimes. But yes, it does signify adulthood. So, what to do before you reach the mature age of 25?

Here is a list of 10 thing that one should do before turning 25

1. Travel Abroad. 

You’re an adult. Plus travelling is an important part of personal growth. So, take this trip, maybe along with friends? ( We don’t want you completely alone ?)

2. Take pictures. 

In this generation of selfie-addicts, we hardly see a full moment or face capturing picture. So go ahead, take the pictures of actual locations or a group photo with the near and dear ones. Highlight the event and the faces.






3. Save 10K as your emergency fund.

Yes, demonetisation is the new fever. But hey, saving upto Rs 10K can be a challenge as well as a good habit inducing technique.


4. Spend more time with family. 

You never know how busy you might get so spend time with your loved ones. Family are the first true and everlasting friends of your life.


5. Do Yoga or Meditate atleast once a week. 

The whole world is doing Yoga, so why not you? It is a way to keep calm in our hyper, always on the edge and crazy lifestyle.

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6. Make a new friend. 

Not a friend who stays with you only for the parties, at school or at college. A true soul-connected friend – the ones who are called ‘Friends For Life’ – in the real sense.

7. Hit a Fitness Goal. 

Fitness is fun and it brings a lot of confidence and benefits along with it. So, have a fitness goal and go through with it.

8. Move on.

It’s time to leave the unhappy things behind. It’s time to move on. Yes, life is not fair, it never will be. So free up from your grudges, be happy and stress free. Forgive yourself too. Because, who doesn’t make mistakes?

9. Learn to Cook At Least One Meal

You know, if you’re sick, out of money or missing home-cooked food

10. Donate. 

Learn to give. Because if you don’t give, how will you get? The ‘Art of Giving’ is a really important part of everyone’s life.


You’re young. Live life. Be carefree yet careful. You Live only once. You Die only once.

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