10 things you can do to make your life better!
on Sunday January 8th, 2017, By Akshara Palshetkar

Every new year, we make some resolutions and follow through them (in our dreams, actually). These one word mantras are something you should start doing every new year.

Collectibles are our own personal treasure. You can take up collection of almost anything from chocolate wrappers, badges, coins to almost anything. Even, some currency notes for nostalgia! ?

What’s better than brushing your knowledge just a bit more? Learn something every new year. We can all do with some new skills.

Discuss with your pals, not gossip. Take up intellectual discussions every once in a while, make everyone participate. I’m sure the world is going through a lot of changes worth discussing as always. It helps you grow and learn.

Life is all about Balance. Balance your priorities,  commitments and time. Loved ones and work should both be your priorities but whom to give priority is all about Balance.

5. READ.
Start reading. One book a month should be the goal. Because, it’s simple, reading helps us escape into a world full of fascination. Almost like an alternate universe. So, take a book and sit down in that cozy spot (with some hot chocolate maybe).

6. EAT.
Adapt your stomach to different palates. There are a lot of delicious dishes waiting for you to taste them. We have a thousand taste buds, so why not?

Well, they say change is the way of life. So go on, be a part of it. Change something about yourself. Maybe a habit of yours or your hairstyle? Because every change brings out a different side of you.

Because you can do anything. From starting to go to the gym to starting a windowsill garden. It teaches us a simple but important lesson – to let go of something old and go ahead with life with a new start. (Please don’t abandon the windowsill garden).

We are connected to and through every single social networking site via our digital devices. But what about MOTHER NATURE or HUMANS? So, leave your gadgets alone for sometime and go and enjoy your own company. Take that long walk in the park. Meet up your friends and family. Disconnect to Connect.

10. LOVE.
Single? Cool. Dating someone?  Cool. Married? Ooh, cool. A person can love a lot of people, shower affection on them, but seldom does he love his own self. Love yourself, understand that you deserve the best. Know that you’re completely adorable ?


These are some mantras that should be kept in mind and followed every year so you don’t only age, you also grow. Life is unpredictable but then so are you!

Akshara Palshetkar

Well, I'm a bit crazy, sweet and stunning in my own way. Every girl is. Not a feminist, just a regular independent girl. I love to write, read and dance.

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