You might have heard about The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows. If not that, then Urban Dictionary.

This post has a list of new made up words which will maybe help the wifi generation express an abstract feeling/situation in simply one or two words. These are words related to social media and our  obsession with everything online.

#1: Multichatting

Meaning: Chatting with the same person about completely different topics on 2 different platforms

Example: It’s funny how multichatting works, we can be talking about Hitler memes on Messenger and discussing deep life problems on Whatsapp with the same person at the same time.


#2: E-bitching

Meaning: Chatting with someone in the same room, gossiping about the conversation going on

Example: While the boss was giving the presentation, Shreeyesh and I were busy E-bitching about how much shit he was lying about.


#3: Red dot happiness

Meaning: That feeling of peace when you don’t have your phone with you OR when your phone is dead

Example: Only after my battery died at the concert, was I able to be comepletely enjoy it. That was true red dot happiness.


#4: Red dot anxiety

Meaning: That feeling of anxiety when you don’t have your phone with you OR when your phone is dead

Example: I felt so restless and on the edge those 10 mins I went out without my phone. Red dot anxiety is real man!


#5: Wise Magi

Meaning: Friends who are among the first few to like all your posts

Example: I don’t have any set Wise Magi. I guess it’s because of my erratic posting schedule.


#6: DanB

Meaning: A person who tries to look cool on social media but leads a pretty ordinary life IRL

Example: She keeps posting Goa pics every week even though its been 4 months since the trip. She’s such a DanB!!


#7: Crossover episode

Meaning: When two or more different sets of people you know meet

Example: Yesterday, Raj joined us at Laxmi where I was with my wingmates. It was a proper crossover episode!


#8: Dark Roger

Meaning: A person who is very sweet and nice IRL but posts and follows the darkest stuff online

Example: Did you see that meme shared by Harsh yesterday? I didn’t know he was such a dark roger.


#9: Void talking

Meaning: Consistently posting stuff online even when it gets no likes or comments

Example: That guy keeps void talking about his favourite football team. I’m like, ughh!! Nobody cares!

#10: Insiding

Meaning: Talking about an inside thing sometimes resulting in exclusion of other people from the conversation

Example: Eventually Pulkit left the room as the others were busy Dota insiding.


#11: Sloppy second

Meaning: A person who tries to garner up limelight around other people by being close to celebs, more accomplished people

Example: Aman just goes around taking pictures around celebs. What a classic sloppy second, that guy.


#12: Hashtag

Meaning: A person who shares every little thing about their life online

Example: There are two types of hastags, void talkers and actually popular people.


#13: gettit

Meaning: A person who talks only in memes and references and catch phrases, often using them wrongly

Example: Micheal Scott with his Thats what she said jokes was the original gettit.


#14: T-Friend

Meaning: Friends who do not talk much IRL but keep tagging each other online

Example: I don’t even know how many of my T- friends do I know IRL.


#15: AngelP

Meaning: Having multiple accounts on the same platform for different purposes

Example: Rahul angelps on Reddit. He has one account specifically for NSFW shit.


#16: Golum

Meaning: A person who takes credit for discovering something which was actually shown to him/her by someone else

Example: Harshal is such a Golum. I had sent him this exact gif 2 weeks ago.


#17: Orbitter

Meaning: A person who creepily hangs around another person out of unrequited sexual interest

Example: She’s clearly not into Neeraj, but he is so stuck up on her. He’s such an orbiter.


#18: Goa Complex

Meaning: Making plans that you low-key know you’re going to bail on

Example: Johnny has such a Goa Syndrome. He invited us over to his place but cancelled on the last minute as always!


#19: Limp dicking

Meaning: Faking enthusiasm for something you’re clearly not interested in

Example: Harsh doesn’t know shit about poker, but he started limp dicking his boss when he said he loved the game.


#20: Death click

Meaning: Clicking on button, mostly likely a like button, while stalking someones profile

Example: Shit dude, I just death clicked on my ex’s oldest profile picture by mistake.


#21: Call Bailing

Meaning: Using your phone as an excuse to get out of something

Example: Dude, Kuro was going on and on about Dota there, I had to call bail on him.


So what are you waiting for? Use these words while communicating and switch on the swag mode!

Post credits:

Dhruv Patel, Mumbai

[email protected]


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