5 tricks advertisers use to fool us.
on Sunday February 19th, 2017, By Megh Gandhi

Ever wondered why the food shown on advertisements look so perfect? Here’s a list exposing em all…

1. I wouldn’t look at cakes the same way after this

It seems like cardboard sheets are used to align cake slices and to prevent the filling from mixing with crumbs. No wonder they look so neat.

2. The steam you see isn’t CGI

From this angle, it looks like these cheese corn balls are steamy hot however hot cotton balls are used as they produce a lot of steam.

You can see it from a different angle.

3. Want to know the secret behind bubbly milk?

It’s actually soapy colored water.

4. Secret to non soggy cereal

Glue is instead of milk to keep cereals from submerging and to keep them dry.

5. Ever thought why the ice cream doesn’t melt?

Mashed potatoes. Yes, colored mashed potatoes are used instead of your favorite frozen milk. The ice cream begins to melt as soon as it is brought under strong light i.e industrial light.

Megh Gandhi

If nothing is impossible then possible is also not impossible.

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