Adventures in The Valley of Kashmir
on Friday May 19th, 2017, By Akshara Palshetkar

The Kashmir Valley (

So, my family is of travel lovers and hence, I’ve visited various places in India since a tender age of 5 years. I won’t say I remember all the places I visited because then it will be a lie. I was too young, okay! Anyhow, Kashmir was like an exception to all the places I visited.

Now, Kashmir is known as the Heaven on Earth. The valley is filled with beauty, peace and nature. I know that it is haunted by terrorists and there have been many attacks as well but the positivity of the people there makes it such a great place to visit.

I visited Kashmir when I was in the 4th standard and I just don’t seem to forget that amazing adventure of my life. Okay, it is not the kind of adventure; but the beauty of nature and the kindness of people was worth remembering.

Lightning bugs on a tree

The day we arrived in Kashmir, it had just opened to tourism as tourists had been barred from entering for 3 days because of a recent terrorist attack.
So, we were to reach our destination in the moonlight. While travelling in the bus, we saw a tree covered with lightning bugs. The most beautiful moment of my life still. 

Nature is just the way of life there.

Soon, after a good rest at the hotel, we had a fulfilling breakfast and left for the Gulmarg Gondola (also known as the Gulmarg Pass). And to my utter disappointment, it was not a working day due to some technical problems. If you don’t know about the Gulmarg Pass, it is similar to Rohtang Pass from where you can check out the entire snow clad mountains and scenery of the surrounding regions while sitting in a mobile overhead car which gives you a spectacular view.

Way to Chandanwadi snowclad mountains

Then, we proceeded to the Chandanwadi, which is very scenic because of the rivers that escape from the snow clad mountains. FYI, I went in summer so we did not face an extreme cold weather. So, Chandanwadi for me as a Mumbaikar was absolute wonderland. If you live in the regions where, it does not snow, you will relate with me. It was like a snowy delight to me. I went absolutely crazy throwing snowballs at my family, at the other kids and each and every person within a 10-m radius of me. The water flowing from the snowclad mountain was a spectacular view too. Yes, I often fell, but it was amazing falling in the snow. Okay, by now you must think, this girl is crazy. Well, I’m a little crazy but let’s not go there. So, let’s say my mood had considerably improved.

Going back to the hotel, we had a windstorm at night. So, the staff told us that we were not to get out of our rooms as sometimes, the winds can get really wild. So, after a scrumptious meal, we stayed in and due to lack of entertainment alternatives slept quite early. Thankfully, it was not really a major one.

So, this was my first day in Kashmir, I will be uploading my second day article soon. I hope you like it and do leave your comments and suggestions. I’m going to post the pictures taken personally at the end of this series.

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4 months ago Reader 111

One thing for sure; whoever has gone through this article immediately had a smile on their faces cause they could actually feel what you’re trying to express about your experience. So, kudos to you and your writing. Keep up the good work!