Because Pen will always be mightier than Sword!
on Wednesday January 4th, 2017, By Akshara Palshetkar

Striking a conversation with someone seems like second nature to some and on the other hand, some people are too shy to even say a word to others. But there is an in-between. Not too open, not too closed.

Let me explain, imagine you are talking to someone and they say something that you feel like retorting or answering back (in simple words) but you keep to yourself and pretend to laugh. Yes, something like that. Biting back your answer so you don’t give away a word from your thoughts. But than on another instance, saying it out loud and showing off your sarcasm.

But it is just the starting because when you are with your family, you can rant endlessly but social circles, you are the quiet nerd who does not speak much, who suprisingly has a group that are loud and fun and she is such a boring person. Stereotype, much?

It happens! But then, you know it is the truth but how do you think a kind socially awkward person deals with it? Ignore. A simple one word answer. Let me just tell you, if you think you can get away by stereotying people, you are wrong! How so? Well, people who contain their words know when to say what and you should always consider the power of one’s word.

Because Pen will always be mightier than Sword!

Akshara Palshetkar

Well, I'm a bit crazy, sweet and stunning in my own way. Every girl is. Not a feminist, just a regular independent girl. I love to write, read and dance.

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