Coffee with Salman
on Thursday June 22nd, 2017, By Team Ten

After the “happening” college fest, my friends and I were on our way home, but since no one was in a mood to go home, we decided to change our route. When you have a bunch of cool friends around, Nariman Point is the best place to hangout. We successfully convinced our parents and landed at Marine Lines. The phone conversation with our parents was much like a viva – “Where are you now?” “Why so late?” “What time will you reach home?” “Name of the friends you are with?” and many more. In the end, we are wannabe Engineers! We can convince anyone – from our teachers to external viva takers, so convincing our parents was not that difficult.

Meantime, we were so excited that we forgot that we were hungry. We were standing right opposite The Trident. However, with hungry people around and no money in our pockets, we headed straight to the nearest bhelwala we could find.

The boy who was selling bhel seemed younger than us, and we casually started conversing with him. His name was “Salman”. With bhel in our mouth, we asked him some questions regarding his age and address. Then, gathering his voice he answered, “Main, main 16 saal ka hu, yahi footpath par rehta hu.” We asked him some more questions – He lives here with his younger sister and younger brother, his parents live in a village. The money he earns in a month has to be given entirely to his employer, whom he calls “Shethji”. In return, he earns Rs 2000 a month.(“Dui Hazar” in his words)

From this “Dui Hazar”, he pays his younger sister’s and younger brother’s school fees and also takes care of their living. When asked about his schooling, he said “Ji? Ji mein school nahi jaata hu, paise bachte hi nahi!!”.(I do not go to school. There isn’t enough money left after all the expenses). All this with a sweet smile on his face.

We are lucky enough to have a better platform, yet many of us keep cribbing about our studies and assignments. Meanwhile, Salman offered us another bhel.

We all decided to give Salman extra ten rupees per person and made him promise that he will not give this money to his employer. That was the least we could do for him.

So, whenever you go to nariman point, make sure that you eat a bhel from salman bhai.

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