Corrida: The Bull fight of life
on Monday January 16th, 2017, By Rohan Gupta

Whenever we enter a new institution, we start a new chapter of life. It doesn’t matter if your past was good or bad, you just want your present to be happy and hope the same for your future. But time and fate don’t promise that. However you have been living, you will be thrown back into the same arena, where you are either the bull or the matador.

Once a boy happy at his college, was ready to go for his lecture. When suddenly people started messaging him about a pink underwear found near the water cooler. The boy smirked at the person who would have lost it but then he actually found out the person who was known to have lost it. He checked his e-mails but there was nothing concerning about a lost piece of clothing. But later he discovered that the mail was in his sent box. The mail read that the boy has lost his pink coloured underwear that he removed to do some personal business. The mail was sent to four classes and the boy’s life was shattered. He stood there in front of the bulls but the bulls hit him hard. The boy trusted the bull and gave it his muleta. The boy still goes out with the bulls everyday, even cares for them but still fears that he will get hit again.

Sometimes, the picture of you being in the arena is not clear enough. It feels like you’ve been living a nightmare all this time and when you wake up, you see a bull coming right at you. At such times one loses the confidence and watches it’s dignity drop to the floor and get shattered into pieces.

Story of another boy, whom no one used to like. He would sit next to a different person every time and eat lunch with a different one. He was ridiculed every now and then by a herd of bulls. His name was lampooned and even sloganized in an abusing sense. One day, boys were coming out of the men’s washroom laughing and telling others to go in as well. The boy overheard and went in as well. What he saw looked something like the writings on the walls of the Harry Potter movies. But the letters made up his name and an abuse that shortens to a train’s whistle. The ground beneath him felt shaking as he got hit too hard. The boy now sits with the one person who held his back and eats with the one who wiped his tears.

Sometimes when you aren’t even in the arena, but it still feels like you are in one. Where, there is no audience to be entertained or no one to rescue you. At that moment, all you need to do is survive. Because if you don’t, the bruises you get might be fatal.

A girl was best friends with a girl from another class. A friendship that made them see each other at the end of the day and smile. A bond so deep and greater than friendship, a bond of sisters. Yes, sisters not lovers. And that is what the bull never understood. He mocked the girls on their nature and their sexuality. The best friend knew the bull and let it go every time. But the girl felt the words piercing in her ears so much that all she wanted to do was shut the bull’s mouth. But the girl was so sincere that she would imply ‘gulp it up’ without a sound and later, burst it out to her friend. The mocking never slowed down, on the other hand, it grew into another form when the inter departmental rivalry came into the frame. The scars on the girl’s heart were so deep that she went into depression and had effects on her life. The bull has stopped mocking and the girl is now trying to live as she used to, while avoiding the bull.

Even though you’ve been hurt by the bull that doesn’t mean your life is over. You just need to gather up your poise and fight back. Because in a fight, you may look like a victim but you never are. You are the matador, the bullfighter. The one who hurls the cape at the bull and challenges it. And that is what you are supposed  do. And this fight is just a lesson that there is another race of humans who find joy in others’ misery and they should be shown where they really stand.

The first boy now walks with dignity and snaps back whenever that underwear is spoken of, saying that was just someone else’s imagination and definitely not his reality.

The other boy has found his true friends as well as the right peer to talk to. And the people who still speak of him in a meaningless way, well… they can’t do it in front of anyone now.

The girl has now understood that she isn’t the one who can be intimidated by just anyone. And now there is no chance that someone can say something to her face and walk away.

Rohan Gupta

Fantasized by Witchcraft and other Supernatural beings, supporting life in the right form.

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