Does Mc Donald’s really fake its food?
on Wednesday January 18th, 2017, By Megh Gandhi

Here we compare two burgers, the one the left is the burger you get from Mc Donald’s and the one on the right is the one you see on the advertisements.

Why do these two burgers look so different? Is the one on the right CGI?

You will be surprised to know that the burger on right is too is real and fresh made.

It all starts at WATT International . The company has been the marketing agency of Mc Donald’s for over a decade now. Let us have look at the whole process.


The burger is prepared at the studio’s kitchen. Same ingredients and equipment are used.

The patty gets hand cooked from sides to the center.

Best pickles and buns are manually picked.


The food stylist builds the burger from bottom bun to top bun making sure everything is placed perfectly.
Each step takes several minutes.

In order to show off the toppings, the pickles, onions and the patty are placed in the front unlike the store bought ones where the toppings are placed inside. Now you may ask why only on the front? Well, because the image is limited to 2 dimensions i.e only the front gets shown in the image.

It’s made to sit crooked so that it looks straight.

The cheese is further carefully melted down using a heat gun.

Surprisingly, the sauces are added using a syringe.

Post preparation

Finally, when the photo gets taken there are still a few things left. Certain areas of the burgers which look imperfect such as the open spots on the buns, cheese etc are retouched.

This is how the end product looks like after the post processing is completed.

This burger took whopping 2 hours to make.

And this burger took about a min.

I will leave it to you to decide whether Mc Donald’s fakes its food or not.

Megh Gandhi

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