Education System : The “Markcist” Communism?
on Sunday January 1st, 2017, By Aniket Kalkar

The first thing that will come to your mind is why do we require such a title? As the article progresses, one can comprehend why exactly was this title chosen.

The education system these days has become a no-loss business. But the real cost which we have to pay is in terms of our ethics.As it goes, the Indian society is the most tolerant and open minded society existing on this planet. It had it’s laws and regulations, in the fields of education as well. But we have that ability to overcome any kind of ‘homeostasis’ and accept changes quite comfortably.

Yes, we accommodated the Western preaching without raising our eyebrows.But it’s always good to learn new stuff about our world, hence we kept our doors open. The inflow of thoughts and ideologies continued. Sometimes, the so called ideologies might be at a conflict with our preaching, but even there’s a room made for remedies to such problems in our tolerant society.
The aforementioned paragraphs dealt with a link between our educational system and the society on a whole. But, in today’s world, things have gone for a toss. Today everyone is running in a rat race, a race to score!! We all fancy scoring high grades ! And what do you mean by these “grades” or “marks” ? Just a relative parameter to measure your academic success. But this academic success cannot simply be attributed to a 2-digit or a 3-digit score, hence making it an irrelevant factor in the long run. But we haven’t yet realized it. We slog night and day, from sunrise to sunset, just to acquire these “marks”. It makes me wonder why does the need of doing this arise. But, our hands are tied, and mentally ,we are the slaves of this education system. No one talks of ideas and innovation,  just marks.

You might reach the zenith of academic success ,but at the same time, you will be reaching the nadir of your thought process. And banking on these marks, new institutions come up, politicians are the real winners here. They fill up their coffers and leave us begging. We should really be begging, begging for knowledge, for wisdom. Perhaps, this seldom happens. To summarize the context, as the title suggests, Communism was an ideology which sunk into oblivion, this concept too shall see the same fate.

Aniket Kalkar

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