Fan Theories That Definitely Make Sense
on Tuesday January 3rd, 2017, By Apoorva Shetty

So if you’ve been scrolling around the internet religiously and if your news feed is 70% fandom posts and 10% useful information pertaining to world politics and people you know, then you aren’t new to the concept of fan made theories, speculations, Easter eggs etc. I’ve picked a few theories floating around the cyber space, that will hopefully change the way you view these shows FOREVER. (Why must I suffer alone, right ? )

1: Joker was actually the good guy in Chris Nolan’s The Dark Knight

I can almost feel the lack of belief in your glare. For many years now, Chris Nolan’s Joker has represented insanity, chaos and anarchy in the most perfect way possible. He continues to be one of the scariest and strongest antagonists .That, and a very common profile picture for weirdos on Facebook. But this theory put forward by a Reddit user makes things even more complicated.

Think about it, he hired the top bank robbers in the first scene and made them kill each other, he literally burned through the savings of the criminals and instilled the fear of god in them (which along with batman’s actions was a huge setback for Organized crime in Gotham). He practically used Dent and Batman as pawns such that Dent ,ended up dying like a white knight, bringing Gotham together and Batman, (a vigilante whose true intentions were unknown to the public), was forced into retirement whilst becoming an unanimously hated figure. Result? Peace in Gotham for 8 years before Bane showed up.

Although all the unnecessary murdering and his major overall psycho-ness makes this pretty  hard to believe but it’s worth a thought.

2: Candace from Phineas and Ferb was actually schizophrenic

Well, ouch there goes my childhood. People claim that Candace from Phineas and Ferb  suffers from schizophrenia. You know how at the end of every episode everything disappears before her mother can see it? Yeah, that’s because IT DOESN’T EXIST. Her natural instincts to tattle on her brothers combined with her schizophrenia make her imagine an exaggerated version of what her brothers are actually doing.

Also, notice how Phineas and Ferb’s mega-inventions end up “vanishing” into thin air because of Dr. Doofenshmirtz’s creations ? If Canadace is indeed schizophrenic,then she must visit a psychiatrist who provides her medication to control her grip on reality. See where I’m going with this ? Doofenshmirtz is her doctor.


3: Tarzan-Little mermaid-Frozen-Tangled Interconnection

Tarzan’s parents and Elsa’s parents bear a very strange resemblance. Maybe it’s the artist’s lack of imagination, maybe it’s our joblessness as individuals or MAYBE they’re the same! So here’s what this theory states.

Elsa’s parents leave Arendelle to attend her cousin’s wedding (Rapunzel and Eugene’s wedding.)Unfortunately, they never make it there because they were a part of the a ship wreck, the damaged ship is found by Ariel which sparks her curiosity about the humans’ way of life.

Fortunately, The King and the Queen of Arendelle aren’t dead. They end up stranded on an island and have a baby boy Tarzan but they still ended up dying because alive parents are a faux pas in Disney movies and how else can they break our hearts?

Bonus: Remember the huge evil twin brothers in Tangled, they’re Hans’s (Villain of frozen ) exiled brothers.

4: Jack Dawson is Jay Gatsby

This amazing theory states that Titanic is actually a prequel of The Great Gatsby. We’ll probably never forget the iconic scene where Rose lets go of her potential soul mate etc. Jack’s hand (even though it’s been proven that there was room for two. You had one job, Rose.)

But what if Jack didn’t really die? What if he uses his acquired tastes to his advantage and emerges as a fine man with a mysterious past in a new city? But old habits die hard; he fell in love with a rich, beautiful dame with a neglectful, abusive husband. Well, that’s basically the premise of The Great Gatsby. Gatsby’s unexplained fear of water bodies (in this case, swimming pool.) and proficiency at gambling (Jack won a ticket while gambling.) make this theory even more concrete.

5: Explanation of the Dursleys’ behavior towards Harry:  

The mere presence of a Horcrux around an ordinary wizard is enough to cause discomfort. Long exposure invokes distinct behavioral changes; it can make you more vengeful, greedy, envious etc. Basically it can bring out the worst side of you. This theory states that this is precisely what might have happened to the Dursleys.

They were a bunch of despicable bigots no doubt, but we never really know why the Dursleys hated Harry so much. How did an  orphan baby make a seemingly ordinary family despise him enough to make him live under the stairs ? Nothing really, except that technically he is  a Horcrux. If a horcrux can endanger a wizard’s morality within hours of contact, imagine what it can do to muggles with  10 years of constant exposure. Harry has  1.5% of EvilMcEvil’s(He shall not be named) soul, which may not be enough to trigger a response in the wizards but maybe just enough to push muggles off the edge.

Remember how they seemed to interfere less after Harry stopped visiting them frequently? What if potential threat from Sirius wasn’t the only thing keeping them under control ? Dudley’s parting message to Harry doesn’t seem that horrible either. Co-incidence?

So there it was. Sometimes fan theories have the capacity to latch on to your memory more than the real movie itself. I know that coming up with such theories is no ordinary feat but I’m willing to bet that 8/10 times the original poster must have had an important assignment due while they sat down contemplating the intricacies of their respective fandom. We’ve all been there at some point ;arguing about the totem in inception, picking up the tiniest amount of foreshadowing during Breaking Bad, believing that Mihir Virani would return after plastic surgery…okay, maybe not the last one. My point is, fan theories are what keeps a fandom alive long after the battle is won, the shades are drawn and all is well. Fan-fictions do this as well, (author had serious doubts about this after coming across a Molly Weasley-Harry romance fan-fiction but her beliefs remain moderately unshaken.) There’s an entire community full of eager fans waiting to hear your opinion, so go put it out there and have it mercilessly criticized, bashed,plagiarized and maybe, just maybe appreciated.

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