Fantastic tech and where to find them
on Thursday February 9th, 2017, By Anuj Nawal

Let us be honest, after watching back to the future 2015 was a real disappointment in the real world right? Even though Nike has developed auto tying shoes (which is super cool), portable hover boards and flying cars are aeons away. Setting aside the anticipated inventions, the future is still cool to live in and these are few of the inventions that definitely are futuristic, not to mention THEY ARE AMAZING.

1.Amazon GO 

“No lines, no checkout, just grab and go”

It might sound elusive, but it is even better in real life.  The rules are simple, use Amazon Go app to enter the store, buy anything you like and leave, just like that. The products you buy will be added to your cart directly and you can pay later on the go. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Have a look

The store presently sells ready to eat food products, delicacies made by on-site chefs and a whole lot of stuff that’ll leave your mouth watering. It is presently in its beta state thus only one store in Seattle is open and caters to just Amazon employees for now. It is speculated that it’ll be open for customers soon.

Who else is excited about a line-free shopping experience?

2.Circuit Scribe

Imagine a scenario, you’re using a breadboard to make a project and it is a hassle, wires coming out, battery not getting connected and everything going wrong. Another guy walks in, takes a pen out draws the circuit on a paper and connects the components without a single swear word coming out of his mouth. AND IT WORKS. That is circuit scribe for you. They use liquid silver pens and it works like a charm. Don’t believe me? Just watch

The magnetic components make circuits all the easier to connect and the applications are endless. Circuit scribe by electroninks has been in the market for a while and is available on if you feel like making a few interesting science projects.

3. Axidraw

A tool that will write your homework for you, that too in your handwriting(soon) any student’s dream come true.

Axidraw is a very versatile machine that is capable of writing and drawing with equipment varying from pencil to fountain pen and even whiteboard markers. (Goodbye ED assignments)

Axidraw is developed by Evil Mad Scientist and for some reason I can’t explain, I know this guy was fed up of his Engineering Assignments.

4. Sgnl by InnomXdle labs

In the near future, you shouldn’t be surprised if you see a person putting his index finger to his ear and talking to someone. Because this is the revolution Sgnl is bringing. Connect the device to the strap of your watch and bazinga, your index finger is now your receiver. Sounds vague right? Check for yourself,

The technology of bone conduction for sound is being used by Bezel less cellphones but Sgnl ups the game by a whole new level. It is expected to roll out by Feb 2017.

Any wild guess who is acing the next test?

5. Amazon Echo and Google Home

Both of these are Virtual assistants that help you control a lot of stuff in your home. Like turning the music up, getting news, setting alarms and reminders and a larger variety of functions and all you have to do is talk to them. No touch, no type just talk.

A lot of debate goes on which one triumphs the other, but I would rather leave it up to you to decide.

Amazon Echo Dot:

Google Home:


These are some of the amazing tech we have around and we loved. Which one is your favourite?

Anuj Nawal

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