From Voodoo To Doom: The History Of Magic
on Monday January 9th, 2017, By Rohan Gupta

The trails of Magic begin from the very beginning of the history of human life when it took a turn into the sophisticated and civilized curve. It was first known that the first Witch civilization was established alongside the first ware-wolf civilization which were meant to protect each other and protect the world. However, the Vikings invaded their lands, killed their men, raped their women and enslaved their children. But this suppression lead to uprising of an even more powerful form called ‘The Witchcraft’. The worshippers of witchcraft called themselves ‘Witches’, however the males adapted the term ‘Warlocks’ to make it more masculine.

But, Witchcraft is not the only hierarchy which can perform magic. Another practice of magic is ‘The Travelers’ Magic’. The travelers are known to be the arch enemies of witches as they compete to prove that their customs are the purest. The witches casted a curse on the travelers in a deadly war that turns the gatherings of travelers into massacres.

Magic as cool as it sounds, had its own weird outcomes such as immortality. Conspiracies say that a witch turned her children into vampires to make them immortal using blood magic. However, these ‘Vampires’ turned to be blood lusty beasts. The secret behind ‘Doppelgangers’ is not very different. They say, two travelers were in love and they tried to cheat a woman to get immortality. The women cursed both of them and it resulted in rebirths of the two lovers again and again.

But in the real life these witches and travelers don’t have much of an existence. Their practices are considered ill and are prosecuted when found.

In our country, a widowed woman without a child living alone is a village is still considered as a ‘Daayan‘. Such woman are molested in public and even stoned to death. The holy bible itself says that any man or woman practising magic is against the nature and must be stoned. The Jewish philosophy is no different, where people are exiled from the community.

In the supernatural world also, witches and travelers strive to be alive when they are suppressed by the others, more powerful by physical means. Even though witches and travelers consider their practices as their own form of religion, the gods and spirits we believe in right now beg to differ.

Rohan Gupta

Fantasized by Witchcraft and other Supernatural beings, supporting life in the right form.

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