The Gulf Oil India masterstroke behind appointing Mahendra Singh Dhoni as CEO.
on Tuesday April 4th, 2017, By Sumeet Patel

M.S.Dhoni was appointed the CEO of Gulf Oil India for a day. Before knowing what the masterstroke was, let’s know a bit about the pitch. He was not a passive CEO. He also took some decisions in his short tenhour (Pun it is)


What is Gulf Oil India? : It is a company which manufactures coolants, grease, brake fluids and other lubricants for light weight vehicles like passenger cars to heavy duty trucks and cranes.

It has a market cap of $36.46 billion as of April 3, 2017.


How is Dhoni Connected to it?: Dhoni was appointed the brand ambassador for Gulf Oil India in 2011.

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Now, the reason you wanted:

How often do we ignore advertisements on television or the newspaper?

Appointment of an influential CEO was just a way of promoting Gulf Oil India at an extremely low price as compared to what it would take for them to promote the company on other platforms.

How many people would read a particular newspaper? How many people would watch the advertisement on a given channel on television at a given time? A billion web pages, how many would you advertise on?

Internet Coverage for the news

The masterstroke of Gulf Oil India was to make every newspaper in India and perhaps some abroad as well to mention this news of MSD being appointed as a part of Gulf Oil India. News channels would advertise their company for free. Almost all content news websites have published this story. This mobve has given them a considerable PR lead over other companies in an industry where common people seldom talk about them mentioning their names in the conversation.

Lastly, look at this photo. They took the right picture of Dhoni (very few gifted ones will get this one) with the CEO nameplate.

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This comparison was sure the best thing to come out of it for us cricket lovers.

Sure, Dhoni has been a game changer all his life, and he has proved it once again.

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