I Am Not Fine
on Friday January 6th, 2017, By Chaitanya

You just broke up. You are tired of your parents always fighting. Things are going downhill between you and your friends. You didn’t get selected in the football team. You work day in and day out but you didn’t get that promotion. In a nutshell, nothing’s going right, and you feel like life just wants to make you sad, make you feel lonely, make you doubt yourself, your capabilities. The moment you know that you are not fine.

We all have been through those situations where we walk around with a broad smile on our face, but deep inside we are completely shattered and all we want to do is sit down somewhere, and cry our heart out, but we don’t do that. Even when you feel alone in a crowded room, you don’t let it show. You tell yourself you are strong enough to handle yourself. You don’t need a shoulder to cry on, you don’t need a long warm hug. Well, we all know that, this is a big lie. We all might be strong, but only to an extent. After a limit is crossed, we all need to let that frustration out. We need to speak up. We need to let it all out.

Many times we restrain ourselves from doing the same, fearing that people will judge us, people will label us as ‘the weak one’. But honestly there are people around you who are ready to listen to you, for them hearing you out is not a problem. But if you don’t let anyone know what you are going through, and then if you cry about being alone, that is stupidity. If you won’t ask for help, you won’t get any. It is hard to trust someone and tell them about your fears, your insecurities, your worries, your problems. But once you let it all out, you feel relieved. You get this new positive energy which helps you to get over your problems, or at least face them.

So next time, if someone notices that you are sad, and takes the effort to ask you whether you are okay, tell them, “I am not fine”.


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