If only you would…
on Friday January 6th, 2017, By Chaitanya


If you’ve never been hurt, you’ve never trusted anyone

If you’ve never been disappointed, you’ve never been hopeful

If you’ve never shed a tear, you’ve never laughed

If you’ve never fallen, you’ve never ever tried to rise up

If you’ve never been broken, you’ve never felt love

And if you’ve never fallen

If you’ve never shed a tear

If you’ve never been hurt, disappointed, broken

Then you’ve never LIVED!!


This is something I wrote long ago. And I feel like every line is actually true. We all have been through a stage in life where we felt sad, we were disappointed, we were hurt, and we felt like we’ve been damaged beyond repair. But time passes by, and things fall back into place.

At times, the fear of getting broken again haunts us. The fear of going through the same pain all over again stops us from trusting someone again, stops us from being hopeful, and eventually it stops us from giving ourselves and our life another chance. Just because someone once walked into our life and left with bad memories, we start to build a wall between us and the outside world. But eventually, you end up finding people who make efforts to break down that wall and help you forget those bad memories and incidents. You learn to smile again, laugh again, trust again, love again and be happy again.

There is no doubt that life is a roller-coaster. The speed, the thrill, the weird feeling in our stomach when we go down, everything is a part of the ride. And that ride is no fun without all these aspects. Similarly, in life, it is important to get hurt, get disappointed and get broken, as it helps you to appreciate the little things that still makes life beautiful.


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