Designer Banda!
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Meet Sahil Dev, an IITian turned logo/UI designer!

13 lakh – Yes, thats the number of engineers graduating from India every year. Just like most of us who were clueless about what we want to do in life back in high school, Sahil too was one of our...

1 year ago By Kairav shah
Big Data leak
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How much did facebook data leak affect the Indian users?

The biggest data leak in the history of Facebook has taken place recently. Last week, Facebook revised its estimate of the size of the breach, saying that it affected about 87 million people. The company had originally estimated that only about...

2 years ago By Team Ten
Prodigal child
18-year old Nashikar’s solution to prevent India’s most life threatening event!

What can I say about this 18 year old chai and misal loving Nashikar! I came across Nilay via a mutual friend and from then on I have been following his work. A 25 under 25 honoree, TED speaker, TEDx...

2 years ago By Kairav shah
Save the stockmarket
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Meet Abhishek Kar, a portfolio manager by work and a trader by heart

We are in conversation with an expert in the field of trading and stock market, Mr Abhishek Kar, who believes that passion is more important than desire.

2 years ago By Team Ten
Internet of things
Meet Nikhil Bhaskaran who is leading the IoT and AI revolution in India

Meet Nikhil Bhaskaran who has stayed 7 years in China to hone his skills on hardware. He shares his knowledge about the future technologies and the next big revolution in computers.

2 years ago By Sumeet Patel
One for the future
Surya Iyer: The guy who makes trash sound cool!

Meet the guy who wishes to make the world ready for the next billion people!

2 years ago By Sumeet Patel