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Meet the Indian engineer who created a virtual rehab through physical therapy gamification!

With increasing medical expenses and paced lifestyle, it is very difficult to find cheap and effective medical solutions. When such a problem arises, technology comes to the rescue. You might have heard of Virtual Reality and it’s vast applications in...

5 months ago By Kairav shah
Chai to Code!
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Meet the chai-wala boy who is now a web developer at!

You may know the inspiring story of a Chai-wala who now runs our entire nation but I bet you don’t know the story of a Chai-wala who is now a web developer! Yes, from ‘Go Chotu’ to ‘Go people’, from...

5 months ago By Kairav shah
Stay Inspired
Meet the shopkeeper who runs a school under the bridge

It is early in the morning. Every 3 minutes a metro passes through the Yamuna Bank Metro Station in New Delhi but the children studying beneath the elevated metro tracks are undeterred by this noise and keep on studying. One...

5 months ago By Rishi Upadhyaya
Young Geniuses
These young 8th graders are redefining the start-up age!

Everyone knows that the greatest fears of Indian moms are not ghosts or cockroaches but the absence of Kam Wali Bai (Maid) or Nanny (Babysitters). The thought of that itself gets them more paranoid than the declaration of World War...

6 months ago By Rishi Upadhyaya
Be the change
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‘2.5 hours a week, 2.5 hours of impact!’, says U & I Founder, Satish Manchikanti,

U & I is a Non- Profit organisation that aims at nurturing and developing the hidden gems of our society and help them unleash their true potential

6 months ago By Team Ten
Innovative Learning!
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“We need to constantly innovate and create”, says Harshil Vora , Founder and Chief innovator at Proinnovate

Our Education System is 70 years old and its high time that we make efforts to change it.  More than 60 percent of graduates are unemployed as per reports. Meet 21 year old Harshil Vora ( Founder – Proinnovate )...

6 months ago By Kairav shah