Live in the moment
on Friday December 30th, 2016, By Chaitanya

There is no doubt that even before you are born, your parents start planning for your future. Which school you’ll go to, which college you’ll go to, what would be your profession and what not! And as soon as you come into this world, you are also pushed into this rat race. Good grades, good results, good job, you get so involved in planning your next step that you forget to notice the things happening around you. You always have a million things on your mind. That assignment you need to work on, that presentation that you have to prepare, that fight you had with your brother, and what not. Even if we decide to take a break, we rarely utilize that free time to completely relax. Even if you are sitting idle, your mind is busy in deciding what should be your next move.

Life is not only about studying, making money, being successful. It is also about exploring yourself, learning new things, going on an adventure, traveling to new places, creating memories. Once in a while, take a break, because trust me, it is necessary. Whenever you feel completely lost and feel like you can’t figure out something, just know that it is your mind telling you to take a break. And by taking a break, I don’t mean going on a long vacation. A walk in a park, star gazing on the rooftop, it can be anything. Whenever you take a break, make sure you go to some place which doesn’t remind you of your pending work. Because just the way you don’t need any distraction when you work, don’t you think you shouldn’t get distracted when you relax?

When you are 80 and you are retired, you have grand-kids asking you what did you do in your life, don’t tell them that you spent your entire life minting money, because although money is important, it is not everything. Don’t teach them to just plan and execute. Teach them to live. To explore. Because at the end of the day, we are humans, not robots. I am not saying that proper planning is not important. All I am saying is, when you commence your journey, don’t just focus on the destination. There’ll be times when you would get to learn and see things even before you’ve reached your destination. Unexpected things that might leave a smile on your face and a beautiful picture in your memory. So whatever you do, at times, don’t forget to stop, breathe and just live in the moment.


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