M S Dhoni – A legacy, an emotion!
on Saturday January 14th, 2017, By Akshara Palshetkar

In India, Cricket is treated not as a game ,but an emotion. During the World Cup matches, the whole family settles down in their favourite spots and watches the Indian guys beating it out on the field in the signature blue. I’ve also watched so many cricket matches with my grandfather shouting at the television screens to take a run, or cheering when they hit a six.

Emotions run wild, not only on field but also at the numerous households and sports bars. Many people idolize the players and many people are just waiting to watch them in the next season. One such moment when everyone was glued to their screens was the T20 World Cup. India in the finals and a young man taking decisions. But one such decision changed the whole thinking of all the country people.

He has earned our respect by taking the right decisions. And yet again, he has taken a decision.

It’s been just over a year since MS Dhoni shocked the cricketing world by abruptly announcing his retirement from Test cricket through a press-release, minutes after helping India draw the Boxing Day Test at the MCG. The real cause behind that shocking announcement has been mired by numerous conspiracy theories and a lot of unsolicited speculation — mainly because the man himself has never dwelt on it. Team Director Ravi Shastri was at the helm of affairs back then. And on Thursday, on the eve of the third Test at the SSC ground, Shastri defended Dhoni’s decision, even lauding him for it. Incidentally the question posed to him was about how he saw the transfer of power from Dhoni to the incumbent Virat Kohli.





“I think that was one of the reasons why MS decided to quit. You know he realised that there are three formats of the game. It is becoming hard for him. But at the same time he knew there was someone ready,” he said.


He just lost another bilateral test series abroad. This is the longest any Indian captain has gone losing without getting sacked.

He has the support of the STAR.

The people have been having varied opinions like the one below:

During his reign as the test captain, we lost everywhere. I mean, literally everywhere, except Pakistan, since they don’t host international cricket anymore. The only victories that came were in India, and here too we were beaten by England. That should have been the final nail in the coffin, but it turned out we needed to tighten it even more.

The BCCI must have made him quit. With India losing, they seem to just blame the Captain for that. He has been a phenomenal player.

He is a very mature person. Due to Captaincy, he has not had the time to concentrate on his batting. So now that he has taken retirement, he will be concentrating on his batting skills.

These are cited as the three topmost reasons according to the Indian audience. Though, the Ex-Captain (this makes me cry?) has not made an official statement on his reason.

The Captain Cool has had many strategic successes. After all, strategy is the biggest mind game to be excelled in team matches which Dhoni seems to have mastered. Risky at that point of time yet taken with great finesse, his decisions have been discussion-worthy.

 As painful as it seems, many people speculate this as a great decision. A team of aggressive and young people has been formed and so, to lead them, we do need an equally aggressive leader. Virat has performed well and so he has been held up as the Captain.

If nothing else, we all believe in Dhoni that , though he knows that Virat is aggressive on field, he still has the leadership skills and ability. Also, it gave Captain Virat Kohli an opportunity to prove himself before the people as Dhoni retired just midway of a test series.

I mean, let’s face it, Kohli won’t be the perfect captain. He will have many more altercations and will most definitely get fined or banned for matches, but he will be aggressive and will lead from the front. We can no longer deny him captaincy on grounds of giving him more time to mature, because he will not curb his instincts and his style. And yet, he is the best that we got.

The Dhoni Statistics of his unfinished limited overs career: 

*9110 runs in 283 ODI’s at an average of 50.89 with 183 NOT OUT being his highest score.

Dhoni is still a marvellous limited overs batsman and captain. If he feels that all three formats are taking a lot out of him and is gradually running out of steam, it’s better if he concentrates on ODIs, and defending the WC. He is still the best finisher in world cricket, and that is in ODIs. That is where India needs him right now.

The thing that you would associate the most with MSD is the enigma that he carries with himself. So, he has been the hearthrob of millions of girls and the perfect idol for many people.

All in all, he has been the country’s most successful skipper.

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