Meet Naveen Jain of Indian origin who plans to launch a spacecraft and land on moon!
on Tuesday June 27th, 2017, By Kairav shah

You might have heard of  Elon Musk’s space endeavors. Well, who doesnt?

Elon Musk plans to send humans to Mars. In short Elon is commercializing space travel.

But what if I tell you there is one more person who share similar dreams?

What if I tell you that someone wants to launch a spacecraft and land on the moon to take human remains to the Earth’s satellite?

Not NASA, not ISRO! A private company!! Yes, you heard me right.

Meet Naveen Jain ,who is the Founder and Executive Chairman of MoonExpress, founded in 2010 in conjunction with NASA to mine minerals from the Moon.

August 2016 saw a land mark decision by the Federation Aviation Administration to allow Naveen Jain’s private company, Moon Express, to land and commercially mine the Moon’s rare mineral deposits. They are also the first company to be allowed to leave Earth’s orbit, in line with the terms of the United Nation’s Outer Space Treaty.

Naveen is an entrepreneur and philanthropist driven to solve the world’s biggest challenges through innovation. A man who knows no limits, Naveen pushes big dreams into action, spurring massive cultural and technological change.

The founder of Moon Express, World Innovation Institute, iNome, TalentWise, Intelius, and Infospace, Naveen sees beyond the current business and technological landscape, creating companies that make a true impact.

He is also Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year, Silicon India’s “Most Admired Serial Entrepreneur,” and the receiver of “Albert Einstein Technology Medal” for his pioneers in technology, he has been repeatedly honored for his entrepreneurial successes. Red Herring also recognized him as one of the “Top 20 Serial Entrepreneurs” and with the “Lifetime Achievement Award.”

Naveen’s company ‘Moon Express’ just made history as the first private space company to submit a payload application to the FAA for a space mission to the moon in 2017. Up until now, only government missions have ever ventured to the moon and beyond Earth destinations. This is an interim arrangement allowing ‘Moon express’ to execute their business plan under U.S. law and the Outer Space Treaty.

When Naveen first started with his moon mission, people thought he was crazy. They thought he is insane to take human reamains to moon!

“If you want to make an impact, you have to dream big, even if people think you’re crazy. As an entrepreneur, you never fail; you pivot. If you are shooting for the moon, you probably can actually land on it and solve problems.

The sky is not the limit for Moon Express, it is the launchpad. Space travel is our only path forward to ensure our survival and create a limitless future for our children”, says Naveen.

Dont take this article as a comparison between Elon Musk and Naveen Jain. When it comes to Humanity and sustainable future, you cannot compare.

All I am saying is technology did not improved on its own. People worked behind it, many strived for it. Many dreamt about it.

I dont see future as a concept of time, when people start thinking about humanity, the world as a whole, that is future!

I see future as a concept of mind!


Stay inspired!

Kairav shah

Co-founder at TEN LLP

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