Meet Sahil Dev, an IITian turned logo/UI designer!
on Saturday May 26th, 2018, By Kairav shah

13 lakh – Yes, thats the number of engineers graduating from India every year. Just like most of us who were clueless about what we want to do in life back in high school, Sahil too was one of our brother from the very same league with the same career dilemma!

So what made me to have a conversation with him? What’s different about him? Well, there’s a twist in the story!

Meet Sahil Dev a.k.a Designer Banda, an IITian turned UI/logo designer!

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(Well, why use a graphic image you ask? Thats because Sahil prefers to to hide behind the mask, behind his creativity and you will find this image on all of his social media platforms as his doppleganger. There’s actually a story behind this image, I know it but instead of me sharing it with you its better you ask the man himself! :p )

I got to know about Sahil and his work via quora where he has a huge fan following and if you browse through his work, you too will be added to his fan list. One thing that separates Sahil from the other UI/logo designing counterparts is his minimalistic approach to convey deep message.

I meet a lot of crative minds because of the sector my company works in but Sahil’s work is one of a kind. I decided to reach him for an interview and here we are. So lets dive deep into the creative world of Mr. Sahil Dev.


  1. You did your Mechanical engineering from IIT Varanasi and now you are into branding and UI! How did that transition take place?

It’s a long story. Before High School, I used to draw and I was good at it but in High School (UP Board), I preferred Sanskrit over Art and in Intermediate (UP Board), I chose Mathematics over Biology. So, I had no other option other than engineering. I had no knowledge about design that time due to lack of resources. During Intermediate, I developed a great interest in Mathematics and Physics but when I joined IIT-BHU, after a year or two I lost my interest in mechanical.  I started learning Photoshop in 3rd because I needed to edited few of pics. I never saw designing as my career option before the final year of engineering. I didn’t sit for mechanical placement, didn’t prepare for the PSU’s and government exam because I was confused about my career choice. Due to all these, my M.Tech project got extended by 6 month (I have done Integrated Dual Degree course) and that time I came to know about CEED (2016) and I applied for it. I got a rank but it wasn’t good enough to get a seat for visual communication in IIT-Bombay but during this time I started doing some personal & paid freelance project which were related to logo and branding design but as mentioned I didn’t get a call from IIT-Bombay so because of family pressure I came to Delhi for the preparation for IES & GATE 2017. I planned that I won’t design anymore but the love for design kept growing and just before the exam of GATE 2017 (5th February) I decided not to sit for it and later after a month I joined ScrollDroll on the basis of my 5-6 month of freelance projects. Since last year March, I am working in designed field officially.


  1. If we ask you to name one person in the entire to the world, you would like to have a conversation with, who would him/her be and why?

A Facebook user whom name I don’t remember. When I was in 3rd year, I asked a Facebook user who was on my friend’s list at that time to edit one of my images but he refused. After that only, I started learning basic of Photoshop and in the beginning, I used to do editing work. That person helped me to find my passion and taught me a great lesson that if you want something then do it by yourself. I want to thank that person.



  1. Can you share some of your work and explain the ideology behind it?

My whole ideology behind following design field is to communicate serious topics via design. Topics we don’t discuss with family or friends generally like rape, religion and other daily news. I want to convey my thoughts via design. Let me share my recent few designs which are based on things happening around ourselves.

This one depicting how our society is divided on the name of caste.

This one about recent rape & murder case of 8 years old girl.


  1. Can you share one of your best work? What was unique about it?

My best is yet to come but let me share one design which I think is one of my best works. This one I did for recent Facebook data leak. So many designer and big brand created design on this topic but all of them missed the point it’s not about only data leak but it’s also about the manipulation of data.


In this creative, I represented word data which is nothing but manipulated form of letters f, a, b and e from the Facebook word itself and the information is leaking from the Facebook.


  1. What are your views on Indian education system? Any changes you would you suggest to prime offbeat careers?

I don’t hate Indian education system much but it’s outdated. It’s still practicing the same conventional method of teaching. Let me give you an example of CEED exam which is for pursuing M.Des from 5-6 top IIT’s of India. Their selection criteria are based on an exam which mostly focuses on your sketching ability. A person who is not good at sketching have very less chance to clear the exam but I don’t know how important is sketching for a visual designer, UI-UX designer or motion graphics designer. It’s not about design only it’s in every sector so I think they need to update their exam pattern and selection criteria.



  1. How should one start if he/she is interested in logo designing or branding? Any courses you suggest?

I haven’t done or followed any specific course so I can’t suggest one. I learned software from the tutorials of and followed different blogs for the knowledge of logo design. Few good blogs are listed below:


  1. What are your future plans?

I mostly take Logo and branding project but I also do UI design too. Right now, my ideas are restricted to image only so in coming months I will be learning motion graphics so that I can express my thoughts in more clear and efficient way. I also want to set an example for creativity via my designs.

You can check out more of Sahil’s work at :

Thats me, signing off for now! A small request from my side is to let me know your views on this interview in the comments sections. Will continue reaching out to young change makers, young entrepreneurs disrupting different ecosystems.

If you have any suggestions for me personally or have any young change maker, entrepreneur in mind, you can reach me out at :


Kairav shah

Co-founder at TEN LLP

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2 years ago Rana Sarmad

It’s great to see this interview here!
Sahil Bhayia is one of my inspiration from I’ve learned many design concepts and creativity.
I learn How we can convey our thoughts over simple designs. I’ve personally talked to him and he’s too kind and creative. He helped me out whenever I need any kind of help.
His one simple line which obviously he mentioned over here “If someone refused, It’s a motivation to do something”, and “Learn and do it yourself” is great and I convey this to my every friend that If you want something learn and do it by all yourself.
Now I’m too doing IT(Information Technology) from one of the reputed university in Lahore,Pakistan but it’s also too outdated and there’s no one who teach creativity.
due to this person I’ve learned many things, design concepts and the way to convey our ideas.
I can’t express everything that I’ve for this person but I’d definitely say, he’s AWESOME & CREATIVE.
I wish to meet him in India or most welcome in PAKISTAN!
Best of luck for the future Bhayyia!
Have a great Life ahead!