Meet the 16- year old App developer & Entrepreneur from Rajasthan – Nitesh Yadav
on Tuesday June 20th, 2017, By Kairav shah

Most of the 16-year olds probably prefer playing video games or bunk classes.

But meet Nitesh Yadav, a child prodigy, who is already making his mark in the world and setting benchmarks at the young age of 16!

Nitesh is from Kanharka, a small village located in the Alawar district in the state of Rajasthan (India). He started his journey in 9th standard and in a span of just two years, he had already been invited by Google, Nasscom, Programming hub and many more big IT brands to know more about his story and appreciate him.


Well, read on!

Nitesh belongs to a nuclear family comprising his parents and a younger brother. His father is a farmer and his mother is a homemaker.

He is the youngest App/Website developer from Rajasthan and he is also a Cyber Security Expert, an Ethical Hacker and an Entrepreneur!

Want to know how this 16 year old farmer’s son paved his way into the startup world?

It all started when his father gifted him his first laptop as a reward for securing first position in 10th grade.

At first, I always used the laptop for playing games and listening music. Then I realized that it would not help me to do something unique. At that time, I heard about an android developer and about his apps. That motivated me to build apps for reforming our society. As I am from a village background, it was not easy to learn coding as my father is a farmer and he could not afford to send me for coaching to learn coding. I started googling things and Google taught me everything and I started coding“, says Nitesh.

Nitesh then went ahead and published his first app ‘Mera Kanharka’ on Google Play Store. The app was published in a ceremony at the Gram Panchayat of his village. The main aim of the app was to connect his village to the Digital India Campaign. It contains all the details of his village, stating all the essential information like its population, history, culture, etc. He was hence, appreciated, recognised and awarded by the Gram Panchayat of the village. He further developed an app for the villagers called ‘Kisaan Guru’ that would help farmers in connecting with digital India.

He started working on websites a little bit later. He felt a need to create his own website and hence he launched his first website during his 10th class vacations –

“ ‘Every Person can learn everything from Internet, If he has the will to learn’. I always follow this rule and now the result is in front of you. Along with Google, Khan Academy also helped me a lot”, says Nitesh.

Nitesh is also the founder of Techsicon, a software development firm. His long term motive is to end the unemployment in India and his efforts are towards making India a better place to live in.

Recently Nitesh developed an app named ‘Exam Mitra’. This app enables anyone to study while browsing Facebook. Yes, you heard me right!

This app consists of solutions of more than 10 subjects and can save a lot of time, says Nitesh.

At the end, we at TEN just want to convey that anything is possible if you have the determination to do it.

It was my pleasure to share Nitesh’s story with you all. India needs such inspiring youngsters like Nitesh.

Even if one youngster gets inspired on reading this, we will be one step closer to our goal.

Be creative! Be inspired!

Kairav shah

Co-founder at TEN LLP

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