Meet the chai-wala boy who is now a web developer at!
on Thursday July 13th, 2017, By Kairav shah

You may know the inspiring story of a Chai-wala who now runs our entire nation but I bet you don’t know the story of a Chai-wala who is now a web developer!

Yes, from ‘Go Chotu’ to ‘Go people’, from ‘Cutting Chai’ to ‘Writing Code’!

Meet Raju Yadav, who once sold tea in Mumbai, and has turned his life around to be promoted to the position of a web developer at matrimonial website

The Journey : 

A class 6 drop-out from Jharkhand, at the age of 13, sets out in search of a well paying job in the city of dreams, Mumbai to help his family. The boy, Raju Yadav was so lucky that he got his first job right on day 2 in Mumbai as a chai-wala. Raju would serve tea and coffee at different offices in south Mumbai.

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The transformation : 

Yadav’s ambitious spirit soon took over. Not only did he send home money every three months, he also pursued his education while working, and passed his tenth standard after two attempts at a reasonable 61 per cent. He spurred on to complete his 12th through long distance learning — “passing my tenth proved I should never give up” — and is currently pursuing a B.Com degree from Mumbai University. Seeing his enthusiasm, allowed him to stay in office till 10pm, where he would spend his time studying for an online course in the field. Finally, he was accepted at the same company when a position opened up.

“I don’t enjoy watching movies or television,” he says. “During weekends, when my roommates would go out to watch films or sit at home and watch television, I would prefer to study.

The first thing I learnt when I came to Mumbai is if you want to get somewhere in life, you have to educate yourself,” he says. “There is no alternative to that.”, says Raju.

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Raju Yadav is a living example that anything is possible with pure determination and passion to learn. Along with Raju’s determination, major credit goes to his colleagues at

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