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5 must read books for every aspiring entrepreneur

How many can you guess correctly?

4 days ago By Sumeet Patel
Last words
Last Words: Bob Marley

Last Words of Bob Marley, a legend in the world of music are true even after over three and a half decades of his death. Infact, the couldn't make any more sense than today. Read more here

5 days ago By Sumeet Patel
9 Easy Ways to turn Plain Eggs into Scrumptious Delicacies!

Eggs are everywhere. You can get them from a variety of birds (although chicken is the most common) and in a variety of sizes and grades. Eggs are one of the first things most people learn to cook (which is...

5 months ago By Megh Gandhi
Here’s how WhatsApp’s End-to-End encryption prevents hackers from stealing your messages

We all must have heard about Whatsapp’s End to End encryption feature but what does it do? To answer that first we must first understand what End-to-end Encryption means.  Here it means that the data you send from your device...

5 months ago By Megh Gandhi
Mumbai Meri Jaan
Mumbai with hands full of Metro Projects.

Innumerable stories, uncountable visitors and happy people. Mumbai has more to offer you with 6 new metro lines, already under construction. Read on to know that which one falls under your radar.

6 months ago By Sumeet Patel
We never really die : An alternate deathnote ending

The Story starts when Light Yagami dies after Ryuk writes his name in the book. (After a blackout light wakes up in an unknown place which is dark, deserted and unending. To his surprise he sees Ryuk just standing behind...

6 months ago By Team Ten