Elon Musk
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How well do you know Elon Musk? Take this quiz to find out!

1 year ago By Team Ten
Behavioural Science
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The study of behavioural design and behavioural economics and how can that be applied to product design and product pricing!

Ever wondered why we are compelled to buy something or do something in a certain way without being told? How the big orgs manipulate their customers to get more sales? Read on to find the three popular ways how behavior science is being used in the industry to play mind games.

1 year ago By Kairav shah
Catch the top 10 Priya Varrier memes of this month

We all know well that Priya Prakash Varrier has disrupted the social media with her killer looks. The 18-year old girl from Thrissur, Kerala is now world’s 3rd highest celebrity on Instagram to gain more than 606K followers on a...

1 year ago By Team Ten
Last words
Last Words: Bob Marley

Last Words of Bob Marley, a legend in the world of music are true even after over three and a half decades of his death. Infact, the couldn't make any more sense than today. Read more here

1 year ago By Sumeet Patel
Nimbu Mirchi
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Nimbu Mirchi Totka: The reason behind this superstition

NimbuMirchi, almost everyone has seen a nimbu and seven chilies tied together on a thread and hung on their vehicles, their houses, their shops etcetera etcetera. But, have you ever wondered what might be the actual reason behind this practice?...

2 years ago By Rishi Upadhyaya
9 Easy Ways to turn Plain Eggs into Scrumptious Delicacies!

Eggs are everywhere. You can get them from a variety of birds (although chicken is the most common) and in a variety of sizes and grades. Eggs are one of the first things most people learn to cook (which is...

2 years ago By Megh Gandhi