Mythbuster: Effect of Frequently Killing Off Apps on Phone Performance
on Saturday March 18th, 2017, By Sumeet Patel

Myth: Frequently closing applications ensures better performance of the app you are using.

We often kill off apps in our phones to free our memory in order for better execution of newer tasks on our phone.

Well, this is a pretty common myth.

While doing the above action may free the RAM, but even if the applications remain open in the background while you are using some other app, the performance of the other app won’t be affected much!

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Reason: In modern phones, the memory management is good. If four of your apps are open and you decide to use the fifth app, the phone automatically sends the other apps into background. These days phones have a higher RAM so killing off apps wont make a huge difference to the performance of the app you are using.

Conclusion: In older phones, the RAM is around 1GB and the management system is not so effiecient. So killing off apps does make a lot more sense in those phones. In newer phones, you get a minimum RAM of 2 GB. Keeping the app in background occupies lesser memory than re-launching the app again.

Sometimes, holding onto things that neither harm you nor benefit you is good!

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