A billion dollars and some more to give!
on Friday January 20th, 2017, By Kamya Mehta

What would you do with your billions and he willingly said ,” I’d give it to Elon Musk for SpaceX , the CEO of Tesla “.

Interviewer awestruck ; asked him why wouldn’t he donate that bit or even a part to charity and he told him,

 “Elon Musk wants to go to Mars. That’s a worthy goal, we have a lot of employees at google who have become pretty wealthy. You are working because you want to change the world, you want to make it better. Why isn’t the company that you work for worthy not just of your time but your money too?

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One should know that Elon Musk clearly stated investors and share holders for SpaceX should be aware of the fact that it won’t incur profits in a short period. It could take as long as a decade .
The thing which surprises me the most is when Elon Musk was asked about him, Sir Larry Page , the CEO of Google , he told that he was rather scared the way Larry thought about artificial intelligence taking over the human force completely and he would mistakingly create something evil out of it.
While I was going through these interviews , I came across people who completed supported Larry Page saying he could do whatever he wanted to as it was his money.

One of the comments said ,

Two of the biggest challenges of our short and long term future is ridding us of our dependence of fossil fuels and colonize outer space to extend the future of humanity in case of some sort of extinction event. Elon musk is doing both of these things with Tesla Motors, Solar City and Space X. The more money invested in Elon’s projects, the better off humanity will be.“. There was other comment with a completely opposite view stating , “There is a privileged, elitist undertone to it all. It also falls in line with the ongoing corporate push to privatize everything, keeping profit flowing into the hands of “the haves” rather than God forbid into the hands of “the have-nots.“. A comment from The New-Yorker stated that, Elon Musk may want to humanity’s lot with his space exploration but the goal of making the world a better place will always be a secondary business motive’.

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Our readers out there need to know the fact that Tesla created a one -of- its -kind car that works on batteries and hopes to come up with more such inventions. Sustainability is the need of the era and they are working towards it. However if we take comments from one interview between Gabriel Mizrahi & Elliot Hill , Mr. Elliot Hill stated,” By not making donations to charity we are perpetuating the situation. From the statistics of 2012, the top 50 donations were made to elite institutes and funds kept on accumulating. Through this we do not address socio-economic issues”.

As a reader , a writer and any other human , when I put my view towards this I would say that investing in research is the need of the era as one needs to keep on developing for the future but in doing that we cannot stop charity. There are innumerable genuine organizations which take care of the people in need. Stopping that would lead to the degradation of human growth and life . Think about it , where would you donate your bit !

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