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on Tuesday February 27th, 2018, By Team Ten

SportsJig is a small team of 8 People. Mr. Vinay Krishna is the founder and has also worked at Microsoft and is an ISB Graduate. They have 2 branches one in Mumbai and one in Noida (Development Centre). The team includes quite a few developers since there is  extensive work on maintaining the app as well as the website. Other members are also quite experienced in their respective fields according to which they have been assigned their roles.

Sportsjig is not just an app but rather a platform for sports fanatics to find people who have a desire to play or even enlist themselves as players in semi professional tournaments.

Below are some facts about Sportsjig:

How did they come up with this idea?

SportsJig was brain child of Mr. Vinay Krishna, He was a regular tennis and  golf player. His game was stopped, when his play mates shifted to another place for pursuing their careers. So he wished if there was a medium where he could find playpals, he would be able to start his game again. That’s when he came up with SportsJig, where you can find games and playpals within your location.


Sportsjig is not doing it simply due to an opportunity in the field; the people behind the scenes want to create an impact in people’s lives

How is the response from people?

Till now the response has been good. Those who are coming on the platform in need of gametime  and playpals, they are finding value in the platform. It gives them a chance to get back to their game.

People are a little skeptical about it but the team is sure that word about the app would spread through word of mouth

What is the major motive behind starting Sportsjig?

Their motive behind Sportsjig is, to make more and more play happen in a very socialising way. The goal is that people should take-up sports not only as a career option but also as a way of living, as it brings many health and social benefits.


What is the toughest part about running this company?

The ratio of people playing any sport is less then people who are following sports. So though people may think that there is no dearth of sports fans in the country, people actually don’t have time for themselves in today’s world.


What philosophy do they believe in?

The belief is that sports can completely change a person’s life. Sports is where people express themselves and it can play a big role in creating a turnaround in a person’s mindset and his behaviour.

They have started on a high note already


What is something that you have learnt from this entrepreneurial experience so far?

Their founder, Mr. Vinay Krishna says that, ‘If we make some thing which can make a difference in one life in positive way then this itself is huge success.’


He has something to say to us youngsters

‘Make sports a part of your lifestyle and not treat as just a career option. Playing any of the sports will benefit you throughout your life.’


You can download the Sportsjig app from appstores or visit their website

It is indeed a unique idea given the monotony of our life and the increase in health issues due to a sedentary routine

We wish Mr. Vinay and his team luck for their future endeavours.

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