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7 misconceptions about a startup

Most of us either have a startup, had a startup, will have a startup or have a plan of starting up at some time or the other. People usually think it is easy, but be aware that there's a lot more than what meets the eye. Something that would be an eye opener for new startups or extremely relatable for the seasoned one

1 week ago By Sumeet Patel
The Amazon Story
Editor's pick
The big question, how does Amazon earn?

In what started as a bookstore, is now an International giant selling anything and everything with the help of it's different arms. Yes, we are talking about the biggest internet company, Amazon

2 weeks ago By Sumeet Patel
Kabaad ka Jugaad
India’s biggest waste upcycling competition is back!

Kabaad Ka Jugaad 2017 is back in town, this time with bigger and better attractions and prizes. The Kabaad Ka Jugaad Upcycling Competition is India’s 1st waste upcycling platform where people can create innovative products with tremendous environmental impact and...

4 months ago By Team Ten
3 filters to getting funded! By Mr.Ajeet Khurana

At a session, we got a chance to interact with Mr. Ajeet Khurana who helped us gain insight on how investors decide whether the startup is worth investing in or not!

5 months ago By Sumeet Patel
Innovate and Invent
Visually abled can now have an access to e-books through this braille machine

How often do we think of going out of our way to help people? But those who do, are the ones who achieve success at personal level as well as professionally. Meet Mr. Abhinav Kulkarni.

5 months ago By Team Ten
Success story
“I couldn’t get a single bus ticket for visiting home in Diwali, and that’s when the idea of RedBus struck me”, says Phanindra Sama, the CEO of Redbus

Most of us have used the redBus app to avail quick services and great discounts on bus bookings and have benefited from the app. Today, redBus has revolutionized the online bus ticket booking industry by combining together over 2,000 bus...

6 months ago By Team Ten