Designer Banda!
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Meet Sahil Dev, an IITian turned logo/UI designer!

13 lakh – Yes, thats the number of engineers graduating from India every year. Just like most of us who were clueless about what we want to do in life back in high school, Sahil too was one of our...

1 year ago By Kairav shah
Elon Musk
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How well do you know Elon Musk? Take this quiz to find out!

2 years ago By Team Ten
Women Entrepreneurs!
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Top 10 Young Indian Women Entrepreneurs!

Thankyou! Visit to read similar stories of young entrepreneurs, changemakers and innovators!  

2 years ago By Kairav shah
Startup for a cause: SportsJig

SportsJig is a small team of 8 People. Mr. Vinay Krishna is the founder and has also worked at Microsoft and is an ISB Graduate. They have 2 branches one in Mumbai and one in Noida (Development Centre). The team...

2 years ago By Team Ten
The Amazon Story
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The big question, how does Amazon earn?

In what started as a bookstore, is now an International giant selling anything and everything with the help of it's different arms. Yes, we are talking about the biggest internet company, Amazon

2 years ago By Sumeet Patel
Kabaad ka Jugaad
India’s biggest waste upcycling competition is back!

Kabaad Ka Jugaad 2017 is back in town, this time with bigger and better attractions and prizes. The Kabaad Ka Jugaad Upcycling Competition is India’s 1st waste upcycling platform where people can create innovative products with tremendous environmental impact and...

2 years ago By Team Ten