Designer Banda!
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Meet Sahil Dev, an IITian turned logo/UI designer!

13 lakh – Yes, thats the number of engineers graduating from India every year. Just like most of us who were clueless about what we want to do in life back in high school, Sahil too was one of our...

6 months ago By Kairav shah
Women Entrepreneurs!
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Top 10 Young Indian Women Entrepreneurs!

Thankyou! Visit to read similar stories of young entrepreneurs, changemakers and innovators!  

9 months ago By Kairav shah
Ice Man
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Meet the man who created artificial glaciers to solve the water problem

Ladakh’s beautiful landscape and mountains might seem like a paradise for tourists, but only the people living there truly know the water crisis they face. It’s not a surprise, after all however beautiful Ladakh is, it is a cold, dry...

9 months ago By Rishi Upadhyaya
Affordable laptops
Affordable Linux laptop developed by an IIT Bombay team

A team from IIT Bombay led by Mr.Mohammed Kasim have successfully launched a laptop worth Rs 9999/- It comes flushed with latest softwares and hardware.

9 months ago By Sumeet Patel
Catch the top 10 Priya Varrier memes of this month

We all know well that Priya Prakash Varrier has disrupted the social media with her killer looks. The 18-year old girl from Thrissur, Kerala is now world’s 3rd highest celebrity on Instagram to gain more than 606K followers on a...

9 months ago By Team Ten
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Orion Racing India – National Champions

What comes to your mind when you see this? Or this? Sports car, race car? Probably Formula One! What if we told you that there exists a team in a Mumbai college that builds such cars every year and goes...

10 months ago By Team Ten