The Bi-Oh-Graphy
on Sunday January 1st, 2017, By Rohan Gupta

The struggle over Section 377 has catapulted the discourse on LGBT issues into the national consciousness in India. Politicians were making all the right noises to appear pro-equality in philosophy if not in action. LGBT organizations and civil society were preparing for a showdown with the law to prevent further erosion of basic rights and freedoms of citizens. And people around the world were watching with great curiosity.
The LGBT community has always faced difficultly in overcoming their fear of how their family will react to their step of declaring their sexual preference. Here I am going throw some light on the category of people whose voices are often lost in the struggles of the LGBT community, the Bisexuals.
All Bisexuals have to go through three main stages in their lives, namely realising, coming out and surviving. The transitions may not be clear but the impacts are pretty significant.
The first one lasts pretty long. A phase where one can’t just decide that it’s just a curiosity or actually the feelings swing both the ways. The hardest part becomes the acceptance that yes! I am attracted to the same sex while I liking the opposite as well. For some cases, this phase takes a lot of time, so much that the people get married to the opposite sex. Now in such instances, people who may be just homosexual, can become bi just for the sake of their marriage.

The second stage is the most difficult one because it takes a lot of guts. Once you’re sure that you’re bi, telling others is the weirdest part. It makes you go through the most vague line of questions such as, are you sure? how can you be into both the kinds? No dude, you’re sick, can you think about it again? And that’s just the beginning. You’ll be struck upon with judgemental looks, hypocrisy and homophobia. And by the time you’ll figure out what is going on, you’ll already be in stage three.

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The last stage that lasts as long as you do. However, the second stage will clarify the definitions of words like friendship, family and love, it won’t just ease up the life. On one side, you’ll make the bonds that were meant for eternity, get the freedom of not acting all straight and living burden free. On the other side, you get those creepy looks, ignorance and never ending hypocrisy. At one point, you maybe even bullied if your peer isn’t right but eventually you only got to survive.
It takes courage to take such a risk. A risk that might lose you the respect of your family, your friends and your better half if suppose the realisation occurs late in life. But without taking risks no one has ever achieved anything. It could prove to be the worst decision of one’s life or the best one so far.

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