The Cycle of Torment: An Engineer Before Exams
on Friday January 6th, 2017, By modernnagrik

The cycle of torment:

An engineer before exams This world is full of amazing things and by amazing, I mean the entire spectrum of amazing. From jaw dropping beautiful to atrociously funny, we come across all sorts of things. Now humans tend to adapt to changes around them which is quite an interesting thing to watch. To get the funny side up on this one there’s one particular species of undergraduates which never fail to amaze the world. Yes, I am talking about the typical lazy “engineering” student.
“As the deer merrily pounces in the Savannah, it doesn’t sense the impending danger, the predator hiding in plain sight”

You know disasters are a thing that always strike hard, harder than you’d always expect. Now how does stuff gets so messed up? How exactly do disasters happen? Well if you want to get deep inside then we need a perfect example. What could be a better example than the period when a student is running the last lap trying to finish the semester. You see disasters tend to mess everything up because our problems keep piling up and comes down as an avalanche. This happens due to many reasons but let’s leave that tale for another day. Now Disasters strike an engineering student in three different stages which are “The trauma of submission”, “The Externals playground” and the “the comatose exam candidates”. So, let’s start with the first stage.

The trauma of submissions:
It’s said that a semester passes by too quickly in engineering. There’s no doubt in it as we can’t be bothered to sit extra-long lectures knowing. Sleeping is a great alternative and hence the feeling of time sped up. What one fails to observe is the piling amount of work that is pending standing above like an unstable pile of scrap ready to fall any second. Some of this “scrap” can be dealt with immediately but there remains the core of the problem. Yes, I talk about the dreaded journals and assignments. Notice how I called these things scrap and garbage? Don’t worry you will come to know why I say so. Writing endless pages to be finally sold out as scrap material sounds insane, right? But unfortunate are the souls of these typical engineering students as they toil away the nights in order to complete their journals and assignments. And for what? It makes me laugh but desperation makes people do things that are too meaningless. All this hard work for something called term work which they are somehow made to believe will help them in the near future. Fun fact: IT’S A BIG LIE. Many sleepless nights and dozens of Red bull cans later the student finds himself in a daze but happy as he thinks the worst is over. A marvelous creature to observe, isn’t it?

It’s not about what you know but how you let others know what you know

The External examiner’s play ground:
I still remember the times when after every school session my mother would ask me every detail form morning seven to afternoon one thirty. I would answer about my mundane activities. But sometimes I’d mess up and well decide to keep my mouth shut. I’d go home and do my best to avoid the questioning. But who could revoke the inevitable right? So, began the questioning actually the interrogation. My mother would catch the discrepancies in my ramblings and would immediately catch me. That was game over for me. Fast forward 7 years later and what has changed? Nothing except instead of my mother some old looking professor tired of listening to new theories from clueless students is taking my viva. And instead of my daily life he asks me the most basic questions about the lecture which I slept throughout the entire semester. Relatable, isn’t it? The viva begins and all that you learned before entering confidently vanishes. Now greets us our old friend none other than “gibberish speech” and “stammer issues”. We go on rambling something but oh well how far can we go. At this point we have become confident enough to spit out anything and say affirmative to anything the professor says or asks. The best part is the feeling of accomplishment and achievement. A constant reminder that the external jotted down in his note pad and smiled every time you blurted something out just makes you feel so correct about everything and you merrily walk out as the next lambs for slaughter are called in. Fun fact: THE EXTERNAL HAD GIVEN UP HALF WAY THROUGH AND SMILED ON HIS PATHETIC LIFE WHILE THINKING ABOUT ONE REASON TO PASS YOU.

Technical authors are not born, they are made in the examination halls of engineering colleges”

The Comatose exam candidate:
The penultimate question of this universe is “Why do we suffer?”. Well many philosophers have tried to answer this but have failed to do so. The reason is unclear but the exam period tests the most hardened student and brings him to his last drop of energy. After the bone breaking submissions and the nerve wracking vivas a student tends to fall in a lifeless state where he is nothing more than a drone sitting on his desk with an open book. The nights pass by, the chapters keep piling up but the sorrow stays there. Thinking about the bleak future that lays ahead he tries to cry but cant do so because tiredness has got the better of him/her (or it? I don’t know whether at this point is it even human or not). The endless calls to the toppers for help go in vain and the pressure piles up.

The question is does he give up? I had mentioned earlier that humans tend to adapt in fascinating ways in the face of adversity so the simplest answer is “no”. The blueprints come to the rescue ,endless pages go scribbled in practice and then the fateful day arrives. He sits calmly in his seat and starts writing the paper and somehow passes through the ordeal. Good guy “student” lives to fight another day as he leaves for home feeling victorious.



Curious, sarcsatic and a strong connection to the student folk. I can talk for days but still baill you out of sticky situations and entertain you. Thats not who i am or was but what i have become.

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