The Man for The Woman
on Wednesday March 8th, 2017, By Rohan Gupta

They say, you are really lucky if your newborn is a girl. It is a feeling that a goddess has blessed your family and that the world will come to it’s place now. The parents then slog away to raise their daughter into an independent woman. A woman who is self-sufficient and knows how to live her life. She is free to love and be loved. What does she look for?

 We live in the century of Women that started on the 8th  of March , 1975. A century that began in hope for development of women. A century in the name of women so that they get all the opportunities to go head, to head in the bullpen. An age where the feminists arise and stand equal. But with whom do they want to stand equal?

While travelling through buses, there are seats reserved for women. Then there are people who sit on these seats and don’t even care to budge when women show up. Women don’t wanna be equal to them. That is just a degradation of their own standards. Because it were people like Mahavir Phogat and K. Kosana Meitei who made the world realize that women don’t just belong in the kitchen and gave us stars like Phogat sisters and Mary Kom who make our nation proud and not the people who mocked at the dreams of these girls. The people who say that ‘the girls cannot do this’ are as good as the rocks on the road that one must ignore. Women don’t need such opinions in their lives or the people who believe in such opinions. They need a man who fights along with them against the ones who sit out there without any hesitation.

A woman gets the title of  ‘woman‘ when she gets married. When she decides to leave her home, her family and in most cases , even her name. All she has then is a husband whom she may or may not have known for a long time, a new family, a new name ,and her old identity. A woman decides to sacrifice her whole life just to begin it with a man. What will her expectations be from that man?

Responsibilities are the reasons why people go through sufferings ,so, in the end they shall succeed. For a woman, she has the responsibility to represent her upbringing and the values she was taught since she was a little child. There was at least one person who made
up what she is now. One person who stood by her side from when she took her first steps to the day she graduated. That person may be her mother, father, sister or brother, but that person had been there just to let her know what she is capable of doing and that she must do anything and everything she wants to. And to know that  some person tries to put an end to her desire may it be her boss, her in-laws or her friend, she has always looked up to her Man to be on her side.A man who does not know what is happening in the life of the woman around him is a disappointment
. A woman deserves the man who encourages her to live her dreams and takes the share of her responsibilities.

An independent choice has been kind of a myth for women in our society. Especially when the question comes to her body. A woman does not want her spouse to love her because she looks hot or beautiful. A woman does not want her lover to kiss her when they find an intimate space. A woman does not need to be lead with a hand around her waist at parties and gatherings. All she wants is to be loved for what she is, get the respect and be held at an equal stature. It is her decision to be deflowered when and with whom she wants to. And eventually a white bedsheet on the honeymoon night shouldn’t be the judge of one’s future life. Because a man should not need a red stain on the sheets to respect her better half.

A woman always needs a man the same way a man always needs a woman. May he be her father, brother, husband, friend or colleague. But she doesn’t want that man to be above or below her. She just needs him to walk with her equally. She does not need him to be a man, she needs him to be the man.

Rohan Gupta

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