These young 8th graders are redefining the start-up age!
on Monday June 26th, 2017, By Rishi Upadhyaya

Everyone knows that the greatest fears of Indian moms are not ghosts or cockroaches but the absence of Kam Wali Bai (Maid) or Nanny (Babysitters). The thought of that itself gets them more paranoid than the declaration of World War 3.

Well guess what, some young minds are working in order to resolve that issue. When I said young minds, you might have imagined 25-30 year olds, but you would be actually surprised to know that these geniuses are just 12-13 year olds! Surprised? Read on.

Avi Dayani and Nakshh Kohli

Avi Dayani, 13 and Nakshh Kohli, 12 currently studying in the Eight grade at The Shri Ram School in Gurugram, Haryana intend to solve the ‘Nanny’ part of the problem with their new app called Shanny – Short Notice Nanny. They were inspired to solve the problem of nannies after seeing their father suffer when their mom went out of town.

The app surprisingly has the same approach which Uber uses. The app will give you the details of any nearby babysitters along with their ratings and personal info.  Most of the ‘Nannies’ would be well-to-do women and students who are looking to earn an extra penny. For assuring a quality experience to their users, the background of all nannies would be checked.

“We will make all our nannies sign a non-disclosure agreement; by doing so, they’ll not be able to contact our clients directly. It’s pretty much like how Uber works,” Avi explains.

The nanny has to be hired for minimum 2 hours for 700 Rupees. According to Kohli, the average price for a babysitter is around 1000 Rupees and thus they charge 700 for it. Out of the 700, the app makers would get a neat 30% commission while the rest would go to the Nanny. The target audience of the app are families where both the parents work. The app is all set to launch in a couple of months.

The app has also started raising money! The app won the first prize of Rs. 50,000 in the business pitch competition held by YEA! India (Young Entrepreneurs Academy). Radhika Aggarwal, founder of has also invested Rs. 25,000 in the app (No equity involved). They are also being mentored by Namita Thapar, fouder of YEA!

With things looking bright for these lads, they are all about to set a new benchmark. In recent times, the number of young entrepreneurs in India has increased manifold and the way they look to solve everyday issues of the society is very inspiring. One can certainly say, that the start-up culture in India looks very bright.

Rishi Upadhyaya

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