Very few of us have the courage to start our own companies during our teenage years. And many of those who start lose perspective midway through the journey. In all this, comes a young boy, who is optimistic that he will succeed in his mission.

Meet Mr.Vaibhav Jha , An Indian Author, Entrepreneur, Innovator, Trainer, Ethical Hacker as well as  a 1st year Engineering Student.

Born in Noida, and now pursuing Computer Science Engineering from Manav Rachna International University at Faridabad, he is presently in his first year of engineering.

Q) What is your idea and when did the idea strike you?
Ans. It was the time of demonetization and all of a sudden people were switching to digital payment options and were using digital cash just like Sweden. But people were unaware of the technology. They just started doing online money transactions. The situation was so miserable that they had saved all the passwords in their cell phones and were openly asking other people for help. And it was just like golden chance for black hat hackers to get their hands full.

I got to know about many cases in which the money simply vanished from people’s accounts because of their negligence. Their families were the ones which suffered a lot. They had no hard cash and all the money in their bank accounts was stolen. This provoked me to establish DimCats. We plan to provide Cybersecurity solutions, IOT support and Web support and also train people to help keep their information secured digitally.

Q) What problem are you solving ?

Being a cybersecurity and IOT venture, our main motto is Securing Technology To Innovate. If the technology is not secured what is it’s use. We provide a complete deck of cybersecurity solutions. We also develop new products having AI and Automation domain in it. We have developed many products that will be useful to the many key areas.
We provide complete cybersecurity training programs made for academics and also for corporates.
Providing free training and conducting awareness campaigns in Rural India as well as in govt schools and colleges is a part of our mission.
When asked where he gets his motivation from, he says, ‘When I look back at the faces of those who have completed training, I can feel the happiness and confidence in them when they use the internet for online transactions. They gain an edge by knowing about the cybersecurity domain. In this way my motive of spreading awareness gets complete.’

It’s high time that we take cybersecurity seriously. Social Entrepreneurship is a sector many young innovators are looking towards. We always say that kids are the future of the country. Now is the time to shine!

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