We never really die : An alternate deathnote ending
on Monday June 19th, 2017, By Team Ten

The Story starts when Light Yagami dies after Ryuk writes his name in the book.

L, The Shinigami and Light Yagami

(After a blackout light wakes up in an unknown place which is dark, deserted and unending. To his surprise he sees Ryuk just standing behind him.)

Light– Where am I? What is this place? Am I alive?

Ryuk– KUKUKUKU…You are smart enough to figure it out yourself. Remember I told you that the person who
uses a Death note Neither Goes to Heaven nor Hell?

(Light, taking a through view of the surrounding while having the evil thinking face ON)

Light– So this is how the Shinigami world looks like. What are the rules here? And who is the one who

Ryuk– KING OF DEATH is the one who rules here. He is the one who holds the power to distribute the death
notes to a Shinigami. He is the only one who can kill a Shinigami instantly and that’s why he is the KING!

(With that dark red eyes and thrilling expression)

Light– Tell me how can I defeat him and be the KING OF DEATH!

Ryuk-KUKUKUK….This is why I like you light. The rules are simple. You just have to play a Game which the
King chooses. The rules are set by the King and they can be biased but you do have a chance to win and be
the King after all. But the penalty to challenge the King is that if you lose, you drop into an infinite void of
nothingness. The same thing happens if the King Loses. This is what makes the games interesting.

Light– So how long has the King Ruled?

Ryuk-The last one ruled for about 700 years but was recently defeated by our current King. You will definitely
like the new King. He is of your type.

Light-Interesting. Take me to the King.

(After a long walk they reached to the palace. King  was sitting on a throne made up of skeletons which went
high up in the sky. Light and Ryuk are standing at the bottom, at a place from where they cannot see the face
of the King. )

King – (Drops a Death Note Written ‘Light’ on it)
And Ryuk, make sure you explain him the rules of this world.

Light – (With a furious expression) I am not an ordinary person! I have come to challenge you for the throne!

King – As expected of you! LIGHT YAGAMI.

(As the King  says Light’s name there is a Lightning which reveals the face of the KING. Seeing the face Light
falls in his place. Bewildered, stunned and surprised he looks at Ryuk who is bursting with laughter
and excitement)


Ryuk-KUKUKUKU… I was waiting for this moment for so long. Priceless! Take a breath Light while I explain to
you what happened. As you know REM sacrificed herself to kill “L”. So there Is this rule which states that
“When a Shinigami kills a person to save another one and sacrifices his own life, then as the Shinagami
world is one short of a Shinigami, the person who is killed gets a choice between his decided destination of
heaven or hell OR to live as a Shinigami”.So “L” got the chance to be a Shinigami.

King (L) – I knew that you will be coming to the Shinigami world. The moment I got the Death Note I wrote
exactly what would happen to you. And how Ryuk will end up writing your name. I was the one pulling the
strings and controlling everything. I knew when you come here you will challenge the KING. So I became one!

Light– HAHAHAHAH… So at last you outsmarted me. I expected nothing less from you. I was actually a bit sad
when you died. No one in the world would have come this close to me. But you! You gave me Thrills!

King (L) – The fact is you defeated me in the human world. Now it’s time to show you what it means to play
with someone Life.

Light – Shut Up and begin the game!

(Ryuk who is utterly astonished by the excitement grabs a few apples and sits to see another awesome battle
between LIGHT AND L)


During Symphony 2017, the Students’ Council  of KJSCE had organised an event called Carved Chronicles in association with TEN. Various writers had to submit alternate or extended endings to popular TV shows. This article was one of the many entries submitted and is an extended ending of the famous Anime Deathnote.

Article By :- Shubham Kurlekar (K.J. Somaiya College of Engineering)

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