Eliminating Paranormal Energies (A Case Study on how they manage to do so)
on Tuesday March 28th, 2017, By Apoorva Shetty

An international organisation in India named Indian Paranormal Team (IPT) works for the eradication of superstition as well as solving all paranormal predicament of the society.


The Indian Paranormal Team was formed in the year 2013, by Akshai Sthalekar. They brought forward an approach which had never been taken in India. They unified spirituality with science, used it as a base and scientifically produced results for the paranormal community. They have been on various radio shows in US, UK and Canada, showcasing how a blend of both can make a better team. A great deal of their research and investigation is aimed at knowing how to deal with spirits and other energies using spirituality; how to communicate with them and how to keep themselves safe from any energy attachments. Akshai Sthalekar is a Certified Paranormal Investigator, a well-known spiritual healer and also a well known psychic and under his leadership Indian Paranormal Team has solved cases not only at regional and national level but also at international level. The Indian Paranormal Team is also a part of The Secret Society of the Paranormal and European Paranormal Activities Society (EPAS).

In the picture, (Founder of IPT and certified paranormal investigator ) Akshai Sthalekar (right), (World’s youngest certified demonologist ) Ankit Sharma (left) are investigating a location with team

The team is divided into two distinct departments; specifically, the scientific department and the spiritual department. Scientific department is headed by Shreya Joshi ( the vice president of team) followed by Sufi Aslam Khan , Pratiksha Suryavanshi , Varun Joshi , Juli Sengar , Shreenidhi Mallela Kari and the Spiritual Department is headed by Siwangi Dash (Also the vice president of team ) followed by Ankit Sharma (Assistant head), Pooja Gorantyal, Ketan Talsaniya, Swapnil Durgule, Anshuman Rath, Poonam Malhotra & Suvam Bhawal.

Their method of solving any paranormal predicament is a combination of science and spirituality.

At first, psychics from spiritual department enter the claimed haunted area, they investigate across the area and search for energies and hotspots. Using their abilities, they give details of the past events and also sense the type of energies. Secondly, they try to communicate with the entities using their psychic powers. A detailed analysis is carried out and a comprehensive report is submitted to the case supervisor.

The second major investigation part is carried out by the scientific department, they investigate the areas and hot spots previously analysed by the spiritual department and carry out another set of analysis. This data based on evidence is documented and a formal report is submitted to the case supervisorThe case supervisor is responsible for analysing the reports submitted by both the departments and then concluding whether the place is haunted or not.

The third round of investigation comes after the conclusion. If the place is haunted and the entity is causing any harm to the client who reported the paranormal activities then, both the department members cleanse and clear the area (mostly by meditation and some other techniques) of the haunting energies. This is how a case is solved by Indian Paranormal Team.


Devices used by the IPT

Some of the gadgets used in the paranormal investigation to research and gather evidence scientifically are E.V.P. (electronic voice phenomenon) recorder, E.M.F. (Electromagnetic Field ) meter or cell sensors, I.R thermometer, E.M. Pump,  grid, grid, Motion Sensor, Infrared Cameras and many more hi-tech gadgets .

In the picture, Varun Joshi, a Member of Indian Paranormal team is investigating


Recently, IPT member Varun Joshi was accompanied by Fever104 FM in Delhi. He investigated a few reportedly haunted locations in Delhi. Women from the city joined in for the ride to celebrate the power and mental strength of women!

A short summary of a case solved by IPT
A client claimed some paranormal activities at their residence. The IPT members went to investigate the place. The spiritual department member went in and investigated all the rooms, the upper floor and the balcony. They sensed the presence of a spirit in the upper flat of the building. The spirit was influencing the lower flat where the resident lived. The upper flat was empty and unsold for many years, subsequently, the IPT members stated it in their report along with some other minor issues like energy stagnation and the hotspots where the energies were found.

Later on, the scientific department went in. The scientific department Used gadgets like EMF meter, also known as cell sensor Motion sensor, EVP recorders, Infrared thermometer along with cameras to get some apparitions.The IPT members got a spectacular class B-EVP in the recording. The data submitted by the spiritual and scientific department was verified and it was found that the reports written by both the departments were almost 95% identical. The motion sensors were activated at many places and they got tonnes of evidence and thus, the case was analysed, which brought IPT to a conclusion that as the place was haunted, It was affecting the residents. Consequently, there it was necessary to perform cleansing operation

Consequently, there it was necessary to perform a cleansing operation in that area and thus meditation was performed by the team members. As reported by the team, there were a lot of distractions that tried to interrupt the process. They sensed a very tainted smell spread into the surrounding but even under such dire circumstances, the team managed to get through with the cleansing and kept their focus intact. At the end, there was a pleasant shift in the ambience of the place. They felt relief as the surroundings seemed much lighter and they didn’t feel a looming pressure around them. In the final rung of the investigation, the team re-examined the place and to confirm the effects of the cleanse. It was concluded that the place wasn’t haunted anymore.

Institute of paranormal studies – IPT Academy
Indian Paranormal Team has its own academy known as IPT academy which is a certified institute where the team provides training, teaching and certification to the ones who opt for becoming a paranormal investigator or a demonologist. They also provide certified courses in past life regression, spiritual healing and many more spiritual fields

At . M.S.U Baroda, During Foot Print Event

To know more about paranormal investigation and I.P.T., log on to the official website of Indian Paranormal Team: http://indianparanormalteam.com/

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